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American Entropy Productions is an upstart New England production company making low-budget movies that deliver the kind of iconoclastic entertainment that Hollywood rarely dares. Our projects feature witty, intelligent screenplays and a psychedelic, mind-bending disposition - excursions from reality leavened by strong characterizations and irreverent humor.

We're not afraid to play with established filmic iconography and deliver projects that challenge established notions of what constitutes a "movie"; we're not trying to compete with Hollywood by delivering exsanguinated cheap-jack blockbuster knockoffs nor to compete with our indie-row peers with cheese or pretension. We're committed to delivering entertainment and laughter, thrills and ideas, music and mayhem - our Hellzapoppin' attitude and rock 'n' roll sensibilities combine with our philosophical dissidence to create movies that are sensational in the literal sense of the word; films that are, themselves, a form of "sensation", a new sense, a sixth sense, a voice from the on-beyond. These are on-screen Shamanic Journeys, with producer/director Dark Lord Rob serving as a sort of Trickster spirit guiding the excursions.

A glance at our production slate tells much of the story; these are movies unlike anything else at the multiplex, movies your friends want to see, your neighbors want to see, movies you want to see. You know you do.

Mail: darklordrob@americanentropy.com