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Picture a candle. A darkened room. Doesn't really matter where; an attic, a basement, a dorm room... anywhere small groups of friends might gather in the dark hours, might sit in the flickering shadows and talk about the strange things, the twilight things, the things that flit at reality's edge.

You can picture it, can't you? Music playing, maybe something from the 60's, full of echo and psychedelic whispers... smoke, perhaps; incense, I suppose... when the evening started you'd all been laughing, giddy, sharing small thoughts and gossip, still caught in the strands of the day-to-day and the how's-it-go... then slowly somehow the mood had shifted, in a way you couldn't specify or pin down. The shadows deepened, and talk turned from people and things to ideas, to possibilities. To the what-if and the do-you-suppose, to the can't-be and could-be and dare-we-consider. A feeling grows that, right now, at this time, in the flickering darkness, the possibilities are limitless... the winds carry the voices of spirits and all around us are invisible forces grander and deeper than we'd ever imagined.

It's spooky, isn't it? A little frightening. But you're with friends. The winds may whisper, but they whisper outside your circle. You laugh, nervous, enthralled, exhilarated, and then it's your turn to ask...

"What if?"

Welcome to the world of American Entropy Productions. We’ve been expecting you.

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