In the spring of 1943, young Doctor Hoffman, working in his chemical laboratory high in the mystic Alps, made a spectacular discovery: the ergot derivative, LSD-25, that he'd developed as a possible headache remedy had a much different effect (though still acting upon the head). He ingested his first dose by accident, and things became very strange. A few days later he decided to take some deliberately.

       "Well", he thought to himself," Things certainly looked different now". The walls, in fact, were misbehaving. Doctor Hoffman decided it was time to go home. So he hopped on his bicycle and...

       Doctor Hoffman's Magical Bicycle Ride started as a collaboration between Dark Lord Rob and guitarist Adam Strange, of The Sanity Assassins, a Connecticut punk band. Adam wrote some music, I created the storyline, the lyrics, and the melodies. The concept was to express what Doctor Hoffman saw and experienced during that short little cosmic ride as a series of rock'n'roll vignettes in the spirit of The Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, The Small Faces, etc. Not precisely a "rock opera"; more of a "musical excursion".

The following pages tell the story of the good Doctor's little journey through space, time, and mind; the lyrical passages are taken from the songs that the eventual CD will contain. Hopefully we'll be able to get some music up here on the site as well!

Now, if you dare, join Doctor Hoffman as he travels through the madly shifting streets of switzerland...

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