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The Convocation of Shadows is an ambitious multialbum concept piece quite unlike anything you’ve heard before… we hope.

Taking place at a séance held by a handful of intrepid occultists, we first learn about the uncanny circumstances that have led each of them to this spot, to this lonely table in the dark. Then the spirits arrive, each with their own tale of cosmic madness, suffering, horror, and death. The underlying theme of each story implies that there are mysteries more profound in the universe than even that which lies beyond the caul of death. Having seen and heard these things, our intrepid adventurers find themselves with no other option but to cross the veil itself in search of answers… but what will they find… and who will return?

Expect demos to be posted in the near future. Check back, or subscribe to the Infoblast!

Mail: darklordrob@americanentropy.com