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A project of this breadth and scope icannot be achieved by sheer will alone. It will take a small but dedicated team of passionate and creative artisans to bring the full scope of the American Entropy vision into screaming shambling  Frankenstein life. So, I challenge you thusly: take a look around these pages, see if this is something you want, nay, NEED to be a part of, need with a desperation born of loss and longing for a better time, a better place, a better world. Live Halloween every day! Trip out without drugs and arrive without traveling! See the future! Work harder than you ever have and have more fun than you ever imagined! Touch the scream that crawls up the wall! It can all be yours IF you are the right person, if you have the will and the skill.

Use the email link below to write for more information! You have nothing to lose but your mind.

Mail: darklordrob@americanentropy.com