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As part of our ongoing commitment to blasting open doorways, American Entropy plans to launch a new system of distribution for indie films. The main purpose is to take films that should be seen with an audience and put them in a context where they can be seen BY AN AUDIENCE… not just at festivals but in large and small settings around the world.  

If that sounds too good to be true, well, it is and it isn’t. First, it doesn’t exist yet. Yet. But our slate of productions will be the test balloon for the concept. We will put our movies where our mouth is. Second, without getting into too much detail the operative concept is “getting films seen by an audience”; this isn’t about making a lot of money and having big openings, its about getting movies seen, the way they should be seen. An adjustment of expectations will be necessary.

It’s a wild experiment. It may not work. It may work too well. But it’ll be a wild ride, if we can pull it off. If you want to follow our progress, sign up for the Infoblast or follow us on social media. If you want to help out, connect with us using the handy email link below.

And remember, the Future starts Tomorrow!

Mail: darklordrob@americanentropy.com