"We don't make Product ". With that statement, that insolent edict, that door-nailed thesis, that nose-thumb to norms, to hackery, to the mediocre, to the pat, the ordinary, to things that ring with the dumpty-dum thrum of the humdrum, American Entropy Productions announces its arrival as a new reckoning force in the entertainment industry. 
"We don't make Product." We DO make entertainment. Not dull and dulling spectacle or self-enhancing clench-tooth earnest onanistic auteurism. We make audience-pleasers, designed to engage, to enchant, to enthrall, to delight - but with a rambunctious edge of challenge, a sly whispered tweak of expectations; hidden layers of wit and meaning. What you see at first is not all of what you see. What we DO make is genre. Horror, science-fiction, fantasy, animation; those derided vineyards where imagination grows wildest. We WILL make hits, we WILL make awrd-winners; our work aims above quality. Our aim is Transcendence. 
Our signature style is literacy, our leavening is wit. Projects compel, impel, excel, raise hell. We are dream-spinners, merchants of delight. This is a home for visionaries; madmen running through forested fields, madwomen lurking in darkened attics. This is a company that writes its Executive Summary as poetry, dammit!A company that dreams BIG, thinks BIG, dares BIG - but which understands how to make dreams feasible, for feasible budgets. We may shock you with our audacity, but we'll positively stun you with the achieveability of it all.  
American Entropy: We don't make Product. We make Miracles.